Caroline Ferrazzo holds a Bachelor's degree in Art History, History and English Language and Literature, a Master's degree in Art History and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Promotion and Management of cultural projects from the University of Neuchâtel. Since January 2024, she has been taking a continuing education course (CAS) in provenance research at the same university.

She was trained in museum practice at the Kunsthaus Pasquart in Biel (2015) and the following year in archiving and scientific research at the Ferdinand Hodler Institute (formerly Archives Jura Brüschweiler). She will then work there as a project and communication manager (2017-2019) and as a communication and partnership manager (2021-2022).

Caroline Ferrazzo joins Lange & Schmutz in November 2019. After having conducted provenance research as a reseach associate until February 2022, she was promoted to projet manager as of March 1 2022. The reconstruction of the history of works of art and their owners as well as the deontological duty and the political dimension that surrounds her investigations are aspects that she particularly appreciates in her work.

In addition to this commitment, she has also been working since April 2021 as a research associate for the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Gérer et promouvoir une institution culturelle, of which she is also a member of the management team, and since July 2023 as a research associate for the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Provenance Research at the University of Neuchâtel.

French native speaker, she speaks and writes English fluently and has a good command of German and Italian.
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